Parish Preparation Programme for Confirmation



Confirmation is a personal call to commit ourselves to Jesus Christ – to be His followers in His Church and to witness to Him.

The Christian journey begins with Baptism at the request of parents.

Since Baptism our children have made a journey of faith in which others have tried to share faith and Christian values with them.

They have received the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist (Holy Communion).

These children have reached an age when they can now make their own profession of faith and know what it means.

They now become ‘adult Christians’, mature enough to make important decisions, with the help of parents and with the help of school and the community of the Church.


Confirmation Preparation

Home, School and Parish

Parents contribute most to their child’s development of faith as they strive to give an example of Christian living. They are not alone as they fulfil this role. Home and school complement each other as the teacher seeks to clarify the faith that the child receives from home, through the religious programme of the School.

Those who wish to be Confirmed (the candidate) will have to formally apply for Confirmation.

This ceremony will take place at an ‘Application and Commitment Mass’ on a Sunday in The Most Precious Blood Parish.


Why should the candidate have to apply?

In Confirmation the candidate makes a personal response and commitment to the promises made on their behalf at Baptism. They say, “I believe my Catholic Faith is important to me. I believe that I belong to the Parish community of The Most Precious Blood. I believe that I am now old enough and wise enough to commit myself to my faith community and I am looking for my community’s   support”.

The Parish community will then support them by prayer as ‘Prayer Friend’ and as ‘Faith Friends’ as leaders in the ‘You shall be my Witnesses’ Programme.


‘You Shall be My Witnesses’ Programme

This is a five night programme and is organised by the parish and held in ‘Credo’. It aims to help parents and parish become more actively involved in the Sacramental preparation for Confirmation. The Sessions cover Belonging and how do I belong?; Believing and what do I believe?; Being a Christian; Becoming a Witness, How do I share the Good News?; and Beginning again, what happens next?.

This programme usually takes place in Spring time.


‘Confirming our Children’ Mass:

Candidates and their families are invited to attend these monthly Masses during the year. Attendance is important as it supports your child in their life of faith.


Reconciliation Service:

We will have a Service of Reconciliation prior to Confirmation. We encourage all candidates and their families to participate in this Service.


Service of Light:

The candidates who have completed their preparation for Confirmation now invite their parents to hand on the Light of Faith as a symbol of the passing on of Faith.


Confirmation Day Retreat:

The Confirmation Retreat is an essential part of the candidate’s preparation. This Retreat is on a school day.


Confirmation Name:

At Confirmation candidates choose an extra name as a sign to every one of the beginning of a new way of living as a follower of Jesus.

Candidates are encouraged to consider choosing the name of a Saint or family member whose Christian life they admire.


Confirmation Sponsor: Who can be a Sponsor?

The choice of sponsor is important.

A sponsor…

  •  Can and usually is the child’s Godparent.
  •  Should be a practicing member of the faith community.
  •  Is not the parent of the child.
  •  Must already be Confirmed.
  •  Must be at least 16 years of age.


White Robe:

In Baptism the white garment is a sign of being brought into the death and resurrection of Christ and symbolises Christ clothing the child with His Love. The garment signifies that in the eyes of God all are equal, male and female, rich and poor, and all clothed in God’s love.

This symbolism is carried through to Confirmation and this time the candidate is acknowledging and confirming the gift of God’s love as given in Baptism. It is the policy of The Most Precious Blood Parish that all candidates wear the robe for Confirmation.